At Epic we have everything you need for any motoring trip abroad. Ensuring that you stay safe and legal whilst on foreign shores. We have individual items such as warning triangles, high visibility vests or bulb kits, right through to full ready assembled packs with everything combined together.

You’ll also find below some helpful advice and guidance.


You may be asked to show your documents at any time and could be fined or even have your car taken away if they’re not in order.

You must carry:

  • Your valid full (not provisional) driving licence
  • If you have a photocard licence, a copy of your DVLA driver recordand a licence check code if needed.
  • An International Driving Permit (when necessary)
  • Your vehicle’s registration document (V5c) (the original not a copy)
  • Your motor insurance certificate (Your insurer may ask to be told when you’re going abroad and only provide third party cover when you do.)
  • Your passport(s)
  • Your travel insurance documents
  • You may need a visa for certain countries too

If you’re taking a boat or going in a vehicle other than a car or motorcycle you may need additional documents.


Borrowed, hired or leased

If you’re taking a company-owned, hired or borrowed vehicle you’ll need a letter of authorisation from the registered keeper as well as the original vehicle registration document (V5c) or a Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103).

The VE103 is the only legal alternative to the V5c and you can get one from BVRLA/All fleet services on 01452 881037.

Low emission zones and urban restrictions

Many cities across Europe now operate low emission zones, congestion charge schemes and other restricted access schemes.

Many of these affect foreign-registered vehicles and  some require registration before you travel.

Travel insurance

It’s always a good idea to take out travel insurance so that you’re covered for accidents and emergencies. For a competitive quote for travel insurance, including special trips such as skiing, backpacking and weddings, go to AA Travel Insurance.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you’re going to a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland, make sure you’ve got a free EHIC card.

The EHIC entitles you to reduced-cost (sometimes free) medical treatment in most European countries but the cover provided is not always comprehensive.

The cost of bringing you home in the event of illness or death is never covered so you should make sure you have adequate travel insurance as well.

Apply for a European Health Insurance Card

Credit cards

You could find that your UK-issued credit cards are not always accepted at stores or petrol stations in other countries.

We recommend that you check with the card company before you go, particularly if you’re going to rely on using the card.


If you’re planning to travel with a pet, make sure you’re familiar with official rules and advice.